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Davis Raceways Balloon Garland

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What do cars do at the Disco Edit? They Brake Dance of coarse! Our Davis Raceways Balloon Garland makes the perfect backdrop for any celebration where you feel the need for speed or don't want your celebration to run out of gas.  The black and white checker print balloons add a fun punch of gas next to the gradient blues. Celebrate your favorite racer by putting them in the winner's circle with our Davis Raceway Balloon Garland.

Our DIY balloon garland kits are easy to assemble and frustration-free!

Provided in this kit:

  • Balloons in a variety of sizes and colors in 5”, 11”, 17” and 24” round to provide dimension and visual playfulness. All of our latex balloons are of the highest quality and biodegradable.
  • 6-foot kits include 65 balloons, and 12-foot kits include 130 balloons.
  • Long skinny balloons (the balloon animal ones) that will be used to string and tie your garland together and to hang your garland.
  • 6' garland comes with 3 checkered foil balloons, 12' comes with 6 checkered foil balloons
  • Balloon sticky dots to adhere 5" balloons into the garland as garnishment
  • Step by step easy-follow instructions with visuals. You can also view our DIY instructional video below.

Additional items you will need to create your garland:

  • An electric balloon air inflator or hand pump. Worth every penny, promise!
  • Time- you will need to provide yourself approx. 1.5 hours to prep your garland. It will likely take less time.
  • Damage-free command hook clips for hanging your garland.

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